Sunshine SS-310 40-Port Multi-function Universal Charger

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Sunshine SS-310 40-Port Multi-function Universal Charger for Mobile Phone/Tablet/iPad

This USB charger has 40 USB ports, which is practical and not only convenient for your life, but also very durable and beautiful
40 USB ports, strong compatibility, and a wide range of uses
Over Current Protection/Surge Protection / Grounding protection, protect your device
Built-in fan, good heat dissipation
Very practical, 40 interfaces compatible, whether it is a home or maintenance organization, to solve the socket is not enough.
Safety, multiple protection, overcurrent protection/surge protection/ground protection to protect your equipment
Durable, good heat dissipation for a better experience
Turn on the power with one button/Stable output

Package includes:
1 x Charger
1 x Power Cable

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