Sunshine L2 7-inch Smart LCD Laminating Machine


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Sunshine L2 7-inch Smart LCD Laminating & Defoaming All-in-One Machine for Straight & Curved Screen

Sunshine L2 smart LCD laminating and defoaming all-in-one machine, can support curved screen and flat screen mobile phones with a size below 7 inches
Built-in high-efficiency vacuum pump, strong pressure, high vacuum degree, multi-function, small size, one-button smart start
One-button bonding, automatic defoaming, can support curved screen, straight screen mobile phones, etc. with a size of less than 7 inches
Smart touch, designed for different bonding requirements, multiple operation modes, group data, and easy switching when facing the curved screen, can be individually bonded and defoamed separately
There is no need for an external vacuum pump and air compressor, just connect the power cord to start the operation; the built-in high-efficiency vacuum pump makes the vacuum cleaner, The large cylinder can be attached to curved screens and flat screens, and it can be done with one machine
No vacuum pump is required / No air compressor is required / No defoamer is required
The whole machine is as light as 19.1kg, light and easy to carry, with no need to connect other equipment, no need to debug, one-click fit, and defoaming
No need for an external vacuum pump and air compressor, 100 large cylinders can be attached to curved surfaces and straight screens, with high vacuum degree
The cabin is made of thickened safety explosion-proof steel, with good sealing, stable pressure, and no leakage, fast defoaming, safe and comfortable
Support Simplified Chinese/English/Spanish/Cambodian/Arabic free switching

Package includes:
1 x Host
1 x Power Cord
1 x Tray
1 x 8mm Laminating Pad
1 x Curved Surface Pad

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