Sunshine SS-601G Universal Unheated LCD Screen Splitter

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Sunshine SS-601G Universal Unheated LCD Screen Splitter for Mobile Phone Repair

Heating-free mobile phone screen removal tool
Strong suction cup / safe screen removal / no damage to the cable / no damage to the camera / easy to operate
The screen can be removed directly, safe and fast; even if the screen is broken, the film can be easily replaced without heating; when the glass back cover is down, it is used to remove the screen, and when the glass back cover is up, it is used to remove the back cover glass
Fits all models/High-quality aluminum alloy/High-temperature resistance/Anti-corrosion
heating free, novices can easily change the screen, disassemble the machine without damage, easy to operate
The groove is smooth to prevent damage to the camera when the screen is removed
Safety protection, non-destructive disassembly
Side and base cushion protection to protect the phone from scratches and slips
Anti-slip protective cushion to prevent the phone from being dropped and scratched
Front and rear soft fix, protect the phone, soft fix
Adjustable distance 90mm/Adjustable clamping 129-170mm/Adjustable height range 0-40mm
The strong suction cup, uniform force, safe, stable and reliable, easier to absorb, and not easy to fall off
Screw tension design, turn the screw so that the tension is upward, and the suction cup is pulled up slowly to prevent the screen from being pulled out
Adjustable placement area, the mobile phone placement area can be adjusted according to the size of the mobile phone model and is suitable for mobile phones of various sizes
Fixing screw, turn the screw to adjust the fixed distance, the positioning is firm and convenient, and the screen can be easily separated without hurting the frame back cover

Instructions for use:
After placing the phone, use the knob on the right to adjust and fix it according to the size of the phone, and inject an appropriate amount of alcohol into the frame
Put down the upper part of the disassembled screen smoothly, and align the suction cup with the phone
Adjust the suction cup according to the operating coefficient, and buckle the adjustment button after selecting it
Slowly adjust the screw tension knob to drive the suction cup to absorb and complete the disassembly work

Package includes:
1 x Separation Fixture

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