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Relife RL-304M 160W High Power 30-Ports Smart USB Charger Supports for Mobile Phone Tablet

160W high power, support 30 devices, and charge at the same time without a loss, freeing up the socket space
Suitable for charging digital devices such as iPhone/Huawei/VIVO/OPPO/Xiaomi/Samsung and other brands of mobile phones and tablets
Super porous/Smart diversion/Strong compatibility/Safe charging
It can charge 30 electronic devices at the same time, one is worth 30, say goodbye to many charging heads, save space, and give yourself a tidy desktop
The total output 160W high-power charger provides strong expansion power, supports 30 ports to be used at the same time, and saves time and trouble for charging
The Built-in PWM power management chip, intelligently adjusts the voltage and current output, safe charging without hurting the battery
Small and not taking up space, compatible with all USB charging problems
With a powerful radiator, the heat dissipation is more thorough, using a silent fan, no abnormal noise, and no noise
Overvoltage/overcurrent/overload/temperature/short circuit protection, after the charging is turned on, a variety of intelligent protections are turned on, actively filtering dangers for you to ensure safe charging
Suitable for AC100-240V power supply voltage input, can be used in different countries and regions
Power socket, built-in fuse, high safety, strong applicability

Package includes:
1 x Host
1 x Power cord

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