Relife RL-C115-Super Fine Powerful Welding Soldering iron Tip

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Relife RL-C115-I/IS/K Super Fine Powerful Welding Soldering iron Tip for SMD Soldering Station

1-second heating / 2 seconds tin melting / rapid heating / efficient welding/plug and play
Suitable for various soldering stations on the market such as JBC115
heating rapidly/Multilayer Plating/Strong antioxidant/Oxygen-free copper/Multilayer Nano Electroplating
Multi-layer alloy electroplating on a red copper substrate, stainless steel shell locks the temperature, strong anti-oxidation, high-temperature resistance
Built-in heating core, laser sealing, sufficient power, and efficient heating
Copper base material Fast heat conduction and fast temperature recovery
Plating special alloy material
Chrome plating prevents corrosion and prevents tin creep
No need to disassemble the handle, simple plug and unplug, say goodbye to cumbersome, plug and play, fast heat conduction, easy to tin
High-efficiency heat conduction and temperature recovery, integrated design of heating core and soldering iron head, reduce heat loss, rapid heating, and rapid temperature recovery
The one-piece high-quality heating element
Applicable to SOJ, PLCC, SOP, QFP power supply grounding components, correction solder bridge connectors, etc

1 Bit price 3000 3pcs =9000

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