Relife RL-3020 Desoldering Dispenser Solder Remover Wick




RL-3020 De Solder Remover Wick with Stainless Steel Mouth, Removes up to four times more solder than conventional wick, and extracts solder much faster than wicks based on Type-R fluxes, Residue left behind is halide free and non-conductive, so it does not have to be cleaned off the board, 100% copper wick has fine braid design to promote strong capillary action to pull in excess solder

Thumb-wheel dispenser ensures easy, clean, and safe operation.
The sealed dispenser protects the wire from moisture for better lifespan
Includes BGA desoldering Wick in different widths.
Length: 2.0M
Width: One dispenser each (1.5mm/2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm/3.5mm)

Package includes:
1 x Desoldering Wick

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