Relife RL-601S Dismantling Screen & Holding Fixture

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Relife RL-601S Mini Multi-function Dismantling Screen and Pressure Holding Fixture

RL-601S Mini Multi-function dismantling screen and pressure holding fixture, Safe pressure holding/Efficient removal of the back cover glass/Side hanging screen/Easy maintenance/Screen fixing
Stable pressure holding, cushioning design of upper and lower sponge pads, safe and explosion-proof, convenient and fast, suitable for all aspects of pressure holding on most mobile phone screens
Suitable for mobile phones with back cover glass, etc., easily and quickly remove the back cover
Can fix the screen, check the motherboard maintenance, can be used as a mobile phone stand, convenient and quick to remove the battery
The groove is smooth to prevent damage to the camera when the screen is removed
Front and rear soft fixation, protect the phone, soft fixation, no damage to the frame paint, no damage to the buttons
Sponge cushioning non-slip protective soft pad to prevent the phone from falling and scratching
Applicable to 98% of mobile phone models, the width can be adjusted at will

Package includes:
1 x Fixture

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