Sunshine SS 890B Plus 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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Sunshine SS-890B Plus 20W Multifunctional Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Remove Phone Back Cover

Built-in computer system/Smoking purification system/mobile phone operation/equipped with electric mobile phone fixture
It is suitable for laser removal of the back cover of mobile phones and supports text or pattern marking on various metal objects
After the mobile phone is connected to the laser machine, you can modify the marking parameters of the laser machine, transfer pictures, modify content, transfer files, and other functions that can be controlled on the mobile phone
And you can freely switch between Chinese and English, which is efficient, fast, easy, and convenient to use
It can be connected to an external display screen, with its marking system, and it is easy to start with one key
The system supports 14 language switching, and can freely switch between Arabic/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English/French/German/Italian/Japanese/Korean/ Portuguese/Russian/Spanish/Turkish/Vietnamese
Equipped with wireless keyboard and mouse, fully furnished, convenient, and practical to operate
Equipped with a smoking hood, industrial waste gas, triple filtration, fast suction, high efficiency and environmental protection, low noise, no pollution
Fast and automatic centering, no manual positioning required, precise positioning, support for various mobile phone models
Featured high-speed galvanometers, support several times of etching, which is 2-5 times higher than ordinary galvanometers
Press the “autofocus” button to automatically focus, no manual focus, high precision
The height of the table can be adjusted by an electric motor with high precision
Convenient and fast, precise positioning, wheel or adjustable, larger operating space, the maximum height of the marked object is 65mm, and it can be matched with an electric clamp
The transparent cover is made of PC raw material, high-temperature resistance, good toughness, no deformation, clearly visible operation
Equipped with the 10-inch high-definition display screen, wireless keyboard, and mouse, convenient and practical operation

Brand: Sunshine
Product Name: Multifunctional Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Model: SS-890B Plus
Operating Voltage: 110-220V
Product Power: 143W
Laser Power: 20W
Marking Accuracy: ≤0.001mm
Marking Speed: ≤10000mm/s
Cooling Method: Built-in Air Cooling
Laser Wavelength: 1064nm
Repeatability: ≤0.001mm
Marking Depth: 0.015-0.5mm
Marking Format: 175*175mm
Marking Line Width: 0.05-0.1mm
Product Size: 240*430*350mm
Package Size: 550*520*350mm
Net Weight: About 16.65kg
Gross Weight: About 25.7kg

Package includes:
1 x Host
1 x Keyboard
1 x Mouse
1 x Display
1 x Bracket
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Allen Wrench
1 x Power Cord
1 x Fume Shield
1 x Electric Fixture

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Weight26 kg