Relife RL-066A Mobile Glass Back Cover Demolish Pen

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Relife RL-066A Newest Mobile Phone Glass Back Cover Frame Blasting Pen


  • Suitable for dismantling and repairing the glass back cover lens module of IP8-14 Pro Max series and HW P/Mate series and other mobile phones
  • According to different models of mobile phones, the impact force can be adjusted reasonably by rotating the rear cover assembly to ensure that the back cover is not damaged
  • Small and portable, sandblasted surface, environmentally friendly and wear-resistant
  • Increase friction, improve hand feel, smooth corners, comfortable grip
  • Special high-quality tungsten steel material, hand-polished, ingenious quality, precision dismantling
  • When not in use, the protective cover can be covered to prevent accidental injury from the sharp edge of the pen


Package includes:

  • 1 x Blasting Pen

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