SS2 2 in1 IC Pad Cleaning Steel Brush Dust, Solder

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Mijing Phantom IC Pad Cleaning Steel Brush with Colorful Handle for Removal Dust/Solder Residue – 2Pcs

Imported ultra-fine steel wire bristles, 0.08mm bristles are closely arranged, rigid and flexible, with the characteristics of steel, but can treat each chip gently
It can be cleaned on different occasions without fear of temperature (-20℃-550℃), and the bristles are not easily deformed in a high-temperature environment
Used together with the heating platform to clean the heated chip and easily remove residual glue and tin
The bristles are locked by professional equipment, and the tightening strength will not change even if the time is long
Simple but not simple design, a steel brush that shows the high-end temperament
With a variety of material processing tests, each material is determined by professional testing, high-quality material selection is a strong guarantee of product quality

Package includes:
2 x Brush

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