Relife-056E All-in-1 Glue Remover Curved Screen

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Relife RL-056E All-in-one Intelligent Glue Remover for Curved Screen/Coldlight Screen/Backlight Screen

Say goodbye to hand rubbing glue, no medicine, easy to remove curved screen glue/cold light screen/backlit screen/original hard glue/OCA glue, etc.
One-key start, easy to remove glue, say goodbye to hand rubbing screen glue, no medicine design, specially designed for glue removal
Motor forward and the reverse direction, convenient to control the speed
Press and hold the multi-function power button to start the green dust display light and the front the end is equipped with strong light LED light, which is convenient for night operation and maintenance
Intelligent super-strong battery, standby for 300 days, continuous use for 16 hours, using 18650 battery
The glue removal shaft is tightly fixed in the center of the motor, effectively maintaining excellent concentricity, preventing shaking, stable and not shaking, and reducing operation errors
Automatic shut-down, any key to start, 10 seconds no operation automatically shut down
Comfortable grip, ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip
LED gear display, 6-speed button to adjust the speed
Multifunction button, gear speed regulation long-press dust lamp lighting
Type-C charging input, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, longer battery life, USB charging plug, innovative design can be used wirelessly, can also be used while charging

Brand: Relife
Product Name: All-in-one Intelligent Glue Removing Machine
Model: RL-056E
Net Weight: About 160g
Gross Weight: About 220g
Product Size: 220*40*40mm
Package Size: 278*44*60mm
Enter: DC4.2V
Output: DC3.7V
Continuous use: 16h
Standby Time: 300 Days
Material: PC+ABS

Package includes:
1 x Host
1 x USB cable

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