Sunshine S210 Portable LED Smart Soldering Iron

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Sunshine S210 110W Portable LED Smart Soldering Iron Universal C210 Series Soldering Iron Tips

Smart portable soldering iron, 110W high power /100~450°C adjustable/Induction sleep/Compact
Universal C210 series soldering iron tips say goodbye to long-term preheating, no need to wait, and no difficulty in large and small solder joints
Say goodbye to long-term preheating,110W high power, no need to wait, no need to work hard for large and small solder joints
In inductive sleep mode, put the soldering iron stand to sleep, prolong the life of the heating core, save power, and worry
Plug and play,2 seconds disassembly and replacement, convenient and fast, lead-free soldering iron head conducts heat quickly, oxidation resistance, easy to tin
Comes with a cleaning copper wire ball and a heating core cleaning hole, and can also place a replacement soldering iron tip to prevent loss and quickly replace it
Can be widely used in various chip-level maintenance, PCB manufacturing, mobile hohe motherboard flying lead desoldering, etc

Product name: Portable Soldering Iron
Model: S210
Net weight: About 500g
Gross weight: About 600g
Handle size: 195*16*15mm
Line length: About 1350mm
Soldering: iron holder size: 135*72*83mm
Package Size: 207*121*95mm
Input voltage: AC100~240V
The output voltage: DC 15V
Frequency: 50~60HZ
Temperature range: 100~450°C/212~842°F
Warming time: 2S
Output peak power: 110W
Inductive sleep: Yes
Display method: LED temperature display

Package includes:
1 x Soldering Station Bracket
1 x Soldering Station Handle
1 x Heating Core
1 x Charging Adapter
1 x Copper Wire Ball


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