RELIFE RL-601S Plus Multifunctional screen rotating fixture

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Relife RL-601S Plus 2-in-1 Multifunction Dismantling LCD Screen & Glass Back Cover Rotating Fixture

Heat-free screen separation/Efficient removal of glass back cover/360°rotation without hurting the frame
It is the first to develop a 2-in-1 design structure of screen separation and glass back cover removal, which can directly remove the screen, safe and fast
Even if the screen is broken, the film can be easily replaced without heating; When the glass back covers is down. it is used to remove the screen. When the cover is up, it is used to remove the rear cover glass
Efficient removal of rear cover glass, suitable for mobile phones with back cover glass, etc., easy and quick to remove the back cover
No heating, quick screen removal, no heating, novices can easily change the screen, disassemble the machine without damage, easy to operate
Firmly clamped, with non-destructive disassembly, the groove is smooth to prevent damage to the camera when the screen is removed
It is suitable for 98% of mobile phone models, and the width can be adjusted at will, does not hurt the frame paint and the buttons
The side and base cushions protect the mobile phone from scratches and slips
360° can be fixed and controlled at will, and the operation is simple and convenient
The strong suction cup, free adjustment, uniform force, safe, stable and reliable, easier to absorb, and not easy to fall off
The suction cup can be freely adjusted forward and backward, and can also be adjusted left and right with a bracket

Package includes:
1 x Rotating Fixture


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