SUNSHINE GVM T115 45W Auto Sleep Soldering Station

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GVM T115 45W Auto Sleep Constant Temperature Welding Station for Mobile Phone Motherboard Repair

Mobile phone repair constant temperature welding station
Tin planting in one second/45W power fast recovery/Auto sleep
Suitable for electronic repairs, such as welding workshop of the electronic factory, electronic repair, mobile phone repair
LCD/Rapid recovery
Rapid heating, tin melting in 1 second, no difficulty in large and small solder joints
No need to disassemble the handle, 2 seconds to disassemble and replace, bid farewell to cumbersome, plug and use, one-piece design, efficient heat conduction, and temperature recovery, reduce heat loss, easy to tin
45W transformer power is sufficient, efficient conversion, bid farewell to long warm-up, no waiting, due to the fine size, suitable for use under a microscope, for SMD, can also be used for traditional components
Intelligent automatic sleep, standby, greatly improves the life of the heating core, saves power, and reduces hidden risks
LCDaning sponge, copper wire ball, silicone scraping tin tank, easy to clean the soldering iron tip, more convenient to use
Palm-sized, portable for business trips, solving the problem that traditional soldering stations are difficult to carry
Can be matched with other types of soldering iron tips of the C115 series according to your own needs

Brand: GVM
Product Name: Mobile Phone Repair Constant Temperature Welding Station
Model: GVM T115
Net Weight: About 750g
Gross Weight: About 1120g
Product Size: 150*90*43mm
Package Size: 192*162*106mm
Temperature Range: 120~450°C
Automatic Standby: Support
Automatic Sleep: Support
Voltage Range: AC90~230V, 50/60Hz, 5A
Peak Power: 45W
Heating Method: Intelligent PID Temperature Control
Temperature Preset: 300/350/400°c
Display Method: LCD Display
Operating Temperature: 10-40°C/50-104℉

Package includes:
1 x Soldering station host
1 x Heating core
1 x Cleaning sponge
1 x Copper wire ball
1 x Sleeping seat
1 x Anti-scalding silicone seat
1 x Soldering station handle
1 x Ground wire
1 x Power supply

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