YIHUA 938BD+ Doubble Tweezers Soldering Iron

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Product Description
YIHUA 938BD+ Doubble Soldering Iron Upgrade 180W
Note: the difference between YIHUA 938D and 938BD+ is that 938D has no electric soldering iron function, while 938BD+ has electric soldering iron function

1.Large-screen LCD display function shows is very clearly.
2.Adopt SAMSUNG microcomputer control,warming-up quickly.
3.High-quality resistance good for long service life.
4.This product is ESD-protected.
5.soldering iron handle using silicone material.
6.Front panel adopt alloy material with elegant appearance.
7.Case box is small,take up less place on work table.
8.Longer soldering iron handle line,it has 1.5 meter.
9.Tweezers soldering iron parallel desoldering IC,make it more easy for soldering and desoldering work.
10.Unique handle model and soldering iron holder humanity design.
11.parallel electric tweezers design, very convenient for small electronic components,chip, chip removal and installation of welded components. When you need to remove the parallel electric tweezers can be used directly on the welding points across the resistor components for heating.

Main function
1.Three memory sections:CH1/CH2/CH3, each storage segment can store three temperature.
2. Sleep function , Automatic shutdown function , Celsius / Fahrenheit function
a), Sleep function soldering iron automatic detection of their work status are not in use in a quiescent state, arriving to set the sleep time, the temperature of the iron automatically lower the temperature to 200 ° C enter into sleep state, can effectively prevent the oxidation of iron head and prolong the iron tip service life, energy saving and environmental protection. The sleep time can be set range 0 to 99 minutes in 1 minute steps, users can be set based on usage, if you do not need a soldering iron sleep ,the sleep time is set to 0.
b) Automatic shutdown function after soldering iron enter into sleep state, start the timer program, set the shutdown time did not wake up from sleep, automatic shutdown, energy saving and environmental protection. Auto power off time setting range 0 to 99 minutes in 1 minute steps.
c) Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature display function designed to meet the market needs of the different regions of the temperature display mode.
3.Temperature correction function:
Adapted to the environmental impact or replacement heater, iron top parts
caused by iron temperature and display temperature deviation can be corrected by this function, the calibration temperature range: -50?~ + 50 ?

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