Kaisi TX-350S MRS Triocular 7X -50X Microscope With Holder




Microscope allows you to adjust the working distance to your preferences,is equipped with a third eyepiece that allows you to mount a camera. It has a basic LED lighting system with adjustment.

Total magnification is 7X -50X, standard working distance is 100mm. The working distance can be adjusted depending on the lens used. When using a 0.5X lens, the working distance is about 165mm.

The examined object is visible in three dimensions, thanks to whichyou can conduct more detailed and precise observations.

Glasses WF10X/23mm with a rubber cover, they are adjustable.

Field of view 4, 3mm-31.4mm at 7X-50X magnification

Technical specifications:
Standard magnification: 7X – 50X
Magnifying eyepiece: WF10X / 23mm
Working distance: 100mm
Head tilt: 45 degrees
Adjustable lifting range
Stand dimensions: 380x250mm
Set contents:
Kaisi TX-350S microscope
WF10X/23 glasses
camera adapter
rubber eyepiece covers
protective glass
basic illuminator
microscope case
fume extraction
frame mounted to the countertop with screws

Additional information

Weight12 kg