Kaisi TX-350S Plus 7X-50X Zoom Stereo Microscope with Big Base




Kaisi TX-350S Plus 7X-50X Zoom Stereo Microscope with Big Base for Mobile Phone PCB Repair

The TX-350S Plus is a special repair microscope that combines rotary folding with a large heat-resistant base plate
With a large base plate/repair table (500*380mm) large work area, there are 3 sets of Installation hole anti-corrosion multi-function heat insulation
Single section extension telescopic support, support thickened steel support strong bearing Load capacity, durable 180° rotation, suitable for computer repair tablet computer repair mobile phone repair, and so on
Microscope base BxP: large space base (500x380mm), there are 3 sets of mounting holes on the bottom plate, more convenient operation.
Eye mask: dust, clearer, longer service life, tight fit, no light leakage phenomenon, clean seal, better fit.
Eyepiece: WF10X/23 Larger field of view, more accurate viewing, and better experience.
Focusing hand wheel: 0.7 ~ 5x continuous amplification, more accurate viewing, and better experience
MS-P rotary telescopic bracket: 180° rotation, telescopic folding, thickening steel bracket super bearing capacity
Three-in-one supercharging power line, stable performance, protection circuit, high energy, low loss; Input 5V/output 12V smoke, lighting, camera, only need a power cord

Magnification: Continuous zoom 7X to 50X
Head: 45-degree inclined 360-degree swiveling trinocular
Eyepiece: WF10X/23MM
Objective: 0.7-5.0X
Camera connector: 0.5X
Monitor and eyepiece: Synchronous zoom
Accessories: 144 adjustable LED lights & and proof Lens

Wide-angle Eyepieces 10X/23MM:
Magnification: 10X
Wide field of view 23mm
Matching size: 30mm
Applicable models: Stereoscopic, fixed, and continuous magnification microscopes

0.5X CTV Len:
The material is all metal, the black part is aluminum alloy, and the silver part is a copper chrome-plated bayonet
The adapter ring can use LCD to focus, this kind of focus method is manual focus
The adapter has a transparent mirror inside, which can help the microscope display and the other display achieve synchronous zooming

Package includes:
1 x Microscope
1 x Aluminum Alloy Plate
1 x 144 LED Light
1 x Dustproof Len
1 x 0.5X CTV Lens

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Weight12 kg