S500 arms universal Boom Stand microscope


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S500 arms universal Boom Stand microscope

Objective lens: 0.7X-4.5X continuously adjustable

Eyepiece: ocular WF10X/20mm with high focus and wide field of view

Head: three stereo mirror body tilted 45 degrees 360 degrees rotation

Bracket: working distance 95mm

Interpupillary distance range: 52mm-75mm + 5 degrees

Lift range: 275mm

Base column: 380*250mm, black and white plate column diameter 32mm, the size of the lens aperture 76mm

Light source: external LED or annular light source (optional)
CCD camera: USB/VGA/HDMI (optional)
Auxiliary Objective: 2X/0.5X/0.3X/0.7X (optional)

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