Relife RL-20A 80cm 2.0mm Soldering Wick Wire




Relife RL-20A 80cm 2.0mm Efficient Tin Removal Soldering Wire for PCB Welding Repair

Efficient tin removal soldering wire, Low Residue / Powerful Cleaning / Fast Soldering / Oxidation Resistant / Corrosion Resistant, suitable for cleaning PCB boards and other solder
Pure copper material / Antioxidant / Corrosion resistant / Smooth tin removal / Ultra-low residue
Refined from pure copper and special chemical formula, resistant to oxidation and corrosion, has good thermal conductivity, and tin absorption
Plain knitting, fast heat conduction, suitable for rapid tin removal, reducing the risk of thermal damage to the circuit board

Package includes:
1 x Soldering Wire

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Weight .2 kg