Relife-059 Plus 5-in-1Universal LCD Screen Separation Wire




Relife RL-059 Plus 5-in-1 Universal LCD / OLED Screen Separation Cutting Diamond Wire Set

RL-059 Plus 5-in-1 screen separation cutting wire set, suitable for LCD/OLED screen separation and cutting, etc
High hardness/High anti-rust/High toughness/High wear resistance
No damage to the polarized light, no damage to the screen, easy cutting, easy operation, no more hand scratches by the wire during the process, more convenient and comfortable use, and improve your work efficiency
A variety of specifications, more choices 0.03/0.05/0.08mm, applied to all kinds of LCD separation
Lightweight design, ergonomic design, non-slip design, comfortable grip
Consistent wire diameter, not easy to break, large crimp rate, long life, high surface finish
Complete specifications and equipment, suitable for LCD/OLED screen separation and cutting, etc
High tensile strength, carbon steel alloy material, the wear resistance strength level is 3000-4000Mpa
Suitable for diamond wire fixing, can be pulled horizontally, vertically, and wound; smooth and smooth without burrs, easy to wind the wire, and saves labor in the middle section

Package includes:
2 x Pull Rod
1 x RL-059D Diamond Wire
1 x RL-059E Diamond Wire
1 x RL-059F Diamond Wire

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Weight.2 kg