Relife-014C 2-in-1 Smart Cooling Air Fan + UV Curing Light




Relife RL-014C 2-in-1 Smart Cooling Air Fan + UV Curing Light for Motherboard Repair

RL-014C smart cold air UV curing light, Cooling and curing 2 in 1 / Cooling and curing dual functions / Make maintenance smarter and more convenient
It is mainly used to quickly cool down the temperature of the motherboard after the motherboard is repaired, and it is suitable for using green oil in the motherboard repair
Maintenance cooling air + UV curing lamp 2-in-1 design can be carried out at the same time to make maintenance more intelligent and convenient
Built-in powerful cooling fan, 13000rpm, three-speed adjustment, can be used alone to quickly cool down the motherboard, making maintenance more efficient
The time timing can be adjusted in three gears, which can be used alone, and the curing effect can be produced by aligning the curing lamp with the glue application
Built-in 400mAh battery, wireless use, adopts Type-C socket design, compatible with charging treasure, charger, etc., convenient and practical, avoids dragging and dragging to affect work efficiency
High-quality wick design, effective energy saving, not easy to overload, no fear of complex environment, safe, stable, and long life
Grille design cooling, mesh format cools quickly to reduce heat, durable
Small size, easy to hold and use, enjoy at any time, hold in one hand, easy to carry

Package includes:
1 x UV Curing Light

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Weight.2 kg