Kailiwei 8586D 2-in-1 BGA Rework Hot Air Gun Solder Station

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Kailiwei 8586D 2-in-1 Smart Digital Display BGA Rework Hot Air Gun Solder Station

Fits for heating shrink, drying, lacquer removal, viscidity removal, ice-out, pre-heating, glue soldering, and so on
Use microcomputer control, warming up quickly, to the set temperature only within 3-5 seconds
Digital LED display, high power, temperature stabilization and is impervious to air, use the brushless fan, and long life and low noise
Automatic cooling function for effectively prolonging the heater’s life and protecting the hot air gun
Safely remove BGA-IC, and keep pins intact, much more safe and reliable, blowing PCB will not make it blister
An essential product for cell phone repair, laptop repair, circuit boards, etc, suitable for unsoldering multiple components, such as SOIC CHIP QFP PLCC and BGA, etc (especially for flat cables and cable connectors)
Air current quantity is adjustable, and the amount of wind the wind is greatly gentle, the temperature control is convenient, and may adapt the multiple functions

Brand Name: Kailiwei
Model Number: 8586D
Rated Voltage: AC 220V
Rated Output Power: 750W
Weight: 2.8KG
Soldering iron temperature range: 200-480℃
Air gun temperature range: 100-500℃
Grounding resistance: <2Ω
Grounding voltage: <45mV
Air Volume: 120L/min
Type: LED digital display
Luminescent discharge: Microcomputer digital
Handle length: 120 cm
Blower fan: Brushless Fan
Auto-sleep: Yes

Package includes:
1 x Host
1 x Power cable
3 x Nozzle
1 x Air gun handle
1 x Induction sleep bracket

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Weight3 kg