Xsoldering Lead-free Precision Soldering Station with 2 Bits

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XSoldering 220V 200W Lead-free Precision Soldering Station With Soldering Tip

Using the menu you can personalize parameters to help manage the soldering process.
Complete cleaning system with an antisplash membrane to keep the work area clean.
Use the integrated wiper to remove excess solder from the tip.
Use T210 series handle, with T210 series iron head for precision welding
Can be set using the menu
Unique sleep + sleep function can extend the life of the tip 5 times
User-friendly handle control, very comfortable to use the feel
Input voltage:220V 50HZ
Output temperature: 200 ~ 500 degrees Celsius
power: 200W
Max Ambient Temperature: 40?
Temperature Stability: ±2?/Without airflow and no load
Tip to Ground Resistance: <1O(DC)
Tip to Ground Potential: <25mV(True RMS)
Voltage: 110V-220V

Package includes:
1 x Soldering Station
1 x Handle
1 x Soldering Tip 3 Pcs

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