SS-915V8.Battery Activation Board Android&iP6-14ProMax




Sunshine SS-915 V8.0 Battery Activation Board with LED Display for iPhone 14Pro Max Samsung Huawei Xiaomi

Support the full range of iPhone 5G to 14Pro Max, and suitable for the latest best-selling Android models such as Samsung/Huawei/Xiaomi/OPPO/VIVO
Newly upgraded IP14 full series, suitable for iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro/14 Pro Max
23 commonly used seats, similar battery seats can be buckled and used, suitable for all series of batteries of Android system/full series of iPhone 5G to 14Pro Max, with stronger applicability
Upgrade the large IC, support the fast charging protocol, support low voltage activation, and have a real-time display of voltage and current
When the battery is inserted, the voltage of the battery is displayed. When the power supply is plugged in, the voltage of the power terminal is displayed, and the current is the load
One-key battery activation/Voltage detection/Short circuit protection/Upgrade high-current smart fast charging IC
Turn on the power supply, and press the button to activate the charging; (button the battery, and the small board light will be on when charging, first adjust the power meter to 3V voltage (the power meter will be protected if it is directly 5V) and slowly increase the voltage to 5V)
When the battery is fully charged, so as to automatically cut off the power supply, and the red light will change to blue light to prevent damage to the battery due to overcharging
Due to the different manufacturers of domestic smartphones, the battery interface of the mobile phone is common,and the output positive and negative poles are opposite to the power supply, and the product can automatically identify the positive and negative poles of the battery
The protection current is not more than 2A. When high voltage is connected,the protection board will automatically cut off the power supply to avoid losses,and it can resume normal work after 1 minute
In the process of repairing the mobile phone, it can supply power through the USB connection, accurately detect the voltage value and current value of the charger, and measure the voltage of the USB power supply device when it is empty/loaded, and the load current of the USB terminal device when it is working
The bottom surface of the PC board is made of a layer of thick sponge,and the battery is buttoned on it, which can effectively relieve the force and prevent the PC board from being seriously damaged by force

Package includes:
1 x Battery Activation Board
2 x Power Cable

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