Relife RL-004A Multi-Function Heat Insulation Silicone Pad




Relife RL-004A Multi-Function Heat Insulation Anti-Skid Silicone Pad for Mobile Phone Repair

RL-004A Multifunctional maintenance bench insulation pad, Multifunctional anti-static/Multi-slot storage /IC maintenance insulation/High-temperature resistance 500°C
Suitable for all kinds of the electronic product repair station
Each piece has been strictly screened and can be curled, twisted, and rotated without deformation, and has good resilience
It can work at high temperatures on the work pad, with strong memory recovery ability, high-temperature resistance, and good heat insulation effect
Insulation material, with good anti-collision anti-skid anti-acid, and other characteristics, and wear-resistant and easy to clean
About 16 inches of the large work area, thickened silicone
Holds motherboards/screwdrivers/large components to save space and avoid clutter
Long strip screws can be placed to avoid screw loss and confusion
Identification number grid, convenient and orderly placement

Package includes:
1 x Silicone pad