Relife RL-601I Multi-function Chip BGA Mini Rotary Fixture




Relife RL-601I Multi-function Motherboard Chip BGA Repair Mini Rotary Fixture

RL-601I Motherboard chip repair mini rotary fixture, Firmly clamped /Weighted base/High temperature and corrosion resistance
Fast heat dissipation /Easy to clean Small and practical
Split drive structure design,360 all-around controllable detachable turntables, suitable for motherboard maintenance, chip removal, etc, can be used on a microscope
Small and practical, it can be placed on the microscope disc base, desktop, and other scenes for maintenance and use
360 all-around controllable detachable turntables, rotating base makes maintenance easier, suitable for motherboard maintenance, chip removal, etc.
Removable and independent use, the weighted base is more stable, strong magnetic adsorption, precise positioning, no offset, high temperature magnetic unchanged
40mm stroke clamping area, clamping the main board firmly, more general IC clamping such as chip CPU/hard disk/font library
Efficient heat dissipation, easy to clean, more convenient to remove glue and tin
Fast positioning to meet various chip requirements
High-quality environmentally friendly stone, high strength,anti-dirt, easy to clean
Wear-resistant and non-slip, shock absorption and compression resistance, anti-aging, enhanced stability, more convenient maintenance

Package includes:
1 x Fixture

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