SUNSHINE LC-AD15 3rd Generation Thermal Camera

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Sunshine ShortCam II Portable PCB Rapid Diagnosis Instrument for Motherboard Fault Repair

Support detection of all models/brands of mobile phone motherboards and other products with motherboards, etc
400W HD visible light, high-resolution images not only look delicate but also assist in detection, saving you the need to move the motherboard back and forth
256*192 HD thermal imaging, flexibility to zoom in on the details of the motherboard, and easily find tiny components
A one-click quick check for leakage, red thermal imaging technology, and dual-light fusion algorithm can display the temperature and outline of the motherboard in real-time
Just click “Quick Check”, and the high-temperature point of leakage will appear immediately
Flexible folding and portable, small and portable, conforming to the size of the human hand, more ergonomic design, bringing you a more comfortable experience
Real-time detection and precise positioning, use the power-on power cord to supply power to the motherboard, set the display mode to thermal imaging mode, and enable the software quick-check function to detect faulty parts
Type-C interface can be connected to a computer, find tiny components at a glance

Product name: PCB rapid diagnosis instrument
Detector type: Uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx)Detectors
Infrared resolution: 256*192
Wavelength range: 7.5-13.5um
Camera angle: 25°*13.5°
Visible light resolution: 2568*1448
Display mode: Visible Light/Thermal Imaging/Quick Check
Connection method: Type-C
Image storage format: JPC
Video storage format: MP4
Input supply voltage: 5V DC
Power consumption: 2.5W
Storage temperature range: 20℃~60℃
Working temperature: 3℃~45℃
Humidity: 95%relative humidity
Temperature measurement function: Full-frame temperature measurement/frame temperature measurement
Temperature measurement distance: 13cm
Temperature measurement accuracy: ±5℃ or ±5℃ (whichever is the largest)
Temperature measurement range: -20℃-550℃
Install: Plug and play, no installation required
Net weight: About 455g
Gross weight: About 800g
Product Size: 48*48*154mm
Package Size: 72*72*183mm

Package includes:
1 x Host
1 x Type-C power cord

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