RELIFE RL-403 -183C Temperature Solder Paste




Name:RELIFE RL-403 183℃ solder paste (syringe)

Specifications: 10cc

1.Good adhesion. Paste delicate,particles small,only 20~38 microns.

2.Excellent wettability.After opening, the surface remains moist for 36 hours. Does not affect the welding.

183℃ solder paste!

The series’solder paster not only carries RELIFIE

Always rigorous and professional attitude

Also integrated maintenance practices.

RELIFE is explained to the mobile phone

maintenance community again.

The spirit of excellence and unparalleled quality.

Professional degree of solder paster.

It is the same as the middle tin in the original factory.

RELIFE 183℃ solder paste ,

unique manufacturing of solder paste technology,

giving a new definition of tin-based technology.

Can greatly improve maintenance efficiency.

Additional information

Weight.2 kg