RELIFE-426B 40G High Purity Soldering Paste





RELIFE RL-426B 40g High Purity Environmentally Friendly Soldering Paste For Repairing Electronic Components BGA Chip


High Purity Soldering Paste Flux is available and is environmentally friendly.
Suitable for a wide range of applications, including sensors, wires, motors, fuses, connectors, metal shells, lighting, electronic components, SMT maintenance, BGA chip tin planting, and more.
Leaves less residue after soldering and offers no resistance, ensuring smooth conductivity.
Variants come in different specifications. Ensures firm and strong welds.
Maintenance drag welding can be easily performed using this flux.
Wide applicability, suitable for various purposes such as sensors, wires, SMT repairs, circuit welding, tablet phones, computer repairs, and home appliance repairs.

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Weight.2 kg