Sunshine S-918E Mini 11-inch Intelligent LCD Separator


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Sunshine S-918E Mini 11-inch Intelligent Removal LCD Screen Separator with Temperature Control

Special preheating station for mobile phone repair/uniform temperature / constant temperature for higher efficiency/voltage switching
Suitable for constant temperature heating and disassembly LCD of mobile phones, tablets, or other electronic products
Heating fast/Intelligent temperature control/Quick split screen
Fast conversion, multi-angle thermal conduction coverage, uniform temperature, fast heating speed, higher efficiency
LED large screen display, accurate display of real-time temperature and working status, easy to understand
Suitable for heating and dismantling of tablets under 11 inches and mobile phones
Screwdrivers & Materials Integrated groove design
Multifunctional design, convenient and fast, while avoiding problems such as missing parts
Thickened heating area, detail trimming, no burrs on the edges, and new soft material for the center sandwich
Soft and high elasticity, can be freely bent and not easy to be damaged, closely fit the working surface, no displacement or shaking

Brand: Sunshine
Product Name: LCD Screen Removal Treasure
Model: S-918E Mini
Net Weight: About 430g
Product Size: 275*175*40mm
Package Size: 290*180*48mm
Working Size: 175*225mm
Power Supply: 110V-220V
Power: 350W

Package includes:
1 x Host
1 x Power cord

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