Relife-056F Wireless Speed Adjustable LCD Glue Remover




Relife RL-056F Wireless Speed Adjustable Glue Remover for Mobile Phone LCD Screen Repair

Relife RL-056F wireless speed adjustable glue remover, say goodbye to hand-rubbing glue, no potion, easy to remove curved screen glue/ cold light screen/backlit screen/original hard glue/OCA glue, etc
One-button start, easy glue removal, say goodbye to hand-rubbing screen glue, liquid-free design, specially designed for glue removal
Stepless speed regulation, motor forward and reverse direction, forward reverse button, suitable for maintenance and glue removal work at any angle
Double-chip drive circuit board design,anti-burning, and increased torque, the glue removal shaft is tightly fixed at the center of the motor, effectively maintaining excellent concentricity, adding front bearings, reducing coaxial wear, eliminating shaking, stable and no shaking, and reducing operating errors
With battery compartment design, enhanced 18650 general-purpose lithium battery, continuous work for 140 minutes, and standby for a week, you can quickly replace it by yourself; use type-C charging interface design, strong compatibility
It comes with a front gearbox design, which can reduce the speed very little while maintaining the normal torque strength
Under the same state, the speed is also better than ordinary glue removers
Made of PC+ABS synthetic material, ergonomic anti-slip design, comfortable to hold
Convenient storage, comfortable and practical, allowing maintenance anytime, anywhere

Brand: Relife
Product Name: Wireless Speed Adjustable Glue Remover
Model: RL-056F
Net Weight: About 195g
Gross Weight: About 300G
Type-C Charging: DC 5V 2A
Continuous Use: 140 Minutes (max)
Standby Time: About A Week
Battery Capacity: 2500mA

1 x Glue Remover

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Weight .3 kg