Relife-601S Pro Universal Pressure Holding Fixture

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Relife RL-601S Pro Universal Pressure Holding & Seam Filling Fixture for Phone Curved Screen

RL-601S Pro Pressure retaining caulking repair fixture, Tight fit / safe and explosion-proof / no harm to the phone / universal for most curved screen phones
Universal 95% curved screen mobile phone, suitable for mobile phone screen/back cover bonding and fixing, etc
Universal for flat and curved screens, supporting most curved mobile phone screens for caulking and gluing
360-degree rotation design, easy and convenient to apply caulk
Metal screws manually adjust the holding pressure, and the holding pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is safer and more reliable
High-hardness steel, supporting the pressing plate, stretches well and supports 50,000 times pressing
Anti-wear sponge pad, tight fit, the pressure on the mobile phone screen is more uniform
Special for curved screens, 360°rotation for caulking, pressure holding pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily, safe pressure holding

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1 x Fixture


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