Mijing iRepair P13 BGA110/BGA70 PCIE NAND 6-13 Pro Max

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Mijing iRepair P13 BGA110/BGA70 PCIE NAND Hard Disk Programmer for iPhone 6 to13 Pro Max


  • Supports iPhone: 6-13Pro Max models
  • NAND BGA110/BGA70 ball hard disk models can use the programmer to read and write a one-button purple screen for a single operation without networking
  • The platform has purple screen mode, hard disk data reading and writing mode, mobile phone information query, WiFi unbinding function, etc.
  • It supports different versions in Chinese /English
  • Read and write hard disk data with one click
  • Supports one-click unbinding WIFI for splittable or non-dismantling hard disks

Package includes:

  • 1 x iRepair P13

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