Sugon 9630 760W 2-in-1 Intelligent Rework Station




Sugon 9630 760W 2-in-1 Intelligent Digital Display Soldering Iron Hot Air Gun Rework Station

It is easy to operate in real time, is controlled by magnetic control switch. When the handle is placed on the handle frame, it will immediately enter sleep.
It has automatic sleep function, and parameters can be set in sleep state.
Closed loop sensor, microcomputer zero crossing trigger temperature control, high power, rapid temperature rise, convenient, accurate and stable temperature regulation, not affected by air output.
Suitable for the desoldering of a variety of packaged components, suitable for maintenance/R&D electronic engineers use
Using brushless vortex fan, super high power 760W, adjustable rotating airflow, large range, can be adapted to various purposes
Can be widely used in various chip-level repairs, PCB manufacturing, mobile phone motherboards, etc
Large-screen LCD, encoder step-less speed regulation, integrating temperature control and air volume control in one
Soldering iron tip the inner layer is made of pure copper, which heats up quickly, and the surface coating transfers heat quickly and has a long life.
Soldering iron tip better heat dissipation performance, heating core, and iron tip have a longer service life
Soldering iron tip handle made of high-quality material, high-temperature resistant knob, adjustable threaded non-slip

Model: SUGON 9630
Maximum power: 760W
Power supply voltage: AC 110V/220V
Heat gun output power: 700W
Heat gun temperature Range: 100°C-500°C/ 212°F-932°F
Heat gun temperature stability:±2℃
Heat gun air flow: 100L/min (Max)
Soldering iron output power: 60W
Soldering iron temperature range: 200°C-500°C/ 392°F-932°F
Soldering iron temperature stability: ±1°C
Soldering Iron: ESD design
Soldering iron heater material: Ceramics

Package includes:
1 x Host
1 x Soldering iron tip handle
1 x Soldering iron stand
1 x Heat gun handle
3 x Air gun nozzle
1 x Soldering iron tip
1 x Cleaning sponge
1 x Power cord

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Weight5 kg