RELIFE TB-07 Disassembly-free IP Android charging test board




Introduction to RELIFE TB-07 Test Board

Relife TB-07 Non-Remove Mobile Phone Tail Plug Test Board for iPhone / Android


  • Suitable for repairing Type-C interface and Lighting interface mobile phones not charging fault detection function and quickly finding the test position of DP DM CC of the motherboard
  • Dual system interface / Quickly locate fault points / No need to disassemble the machine for testing / Fast charge detection
  • Type-C and Lighting interface, 2-in-1 design, suitable for repairing mobile phones with Type-C interface and Lighting interface that are not charging
  • Repair mobile phones that do not charge faults, detect single-side charging problems, quick repair with reference point bitmap
  • Suitable for repair of all type-c and lightning interfaces, the phone does not charge fault detection function as well as quickly finds the motherboard DP DM CC test point, very convenient for repairing the fault
  • Plug in the corresponding tail jack and set the multimeter to the diode Gear, red pen contact corresponding to the tail plug detection GND and black pen, you can measure the corresponding test point of the tail plug detection
  • The operation method is the same as the lightning interface test, which is simple and convenient for testing convenient, double work efficiency

Package includes:

  • 1 x Test Board

Additional information

Weight.2 kg