RELIFE RL-723 Interchangeable torque screwdriver




Relife RL-723 Rainbow Plating Process High Precision Interchangeable Torque Screwdriver

RL-723 interchangeable torque screwdriver, rainbow plating process, magnetic absorption, and replaceable screwdriver bits
Suitable for disassembly and maintenance of various telecommunications and electronic equipment
Corresponding to a standard torque, when the screw is screwed to a torque value of 0.5kgf cm, the force handle will rotate idly, preventing the screw from slipping due to excessive force, or scratching the screw cap if the screw is not tightened tightly
Strong magnetic bit storage device, saving space and reducing the risk of loss
The front part of the screwdriver has a built-in strong magnet, and the bit is magnetically installed, which can be quickly removed and replaced, and is easy to use
The special rainbow color of the whole body is solved by ion plating technology, with a dazzling color mixing design, corrosion resistance, and more beautiful
Meet iPhone/Huawei/OPPO/VIVO and other multi-model dismantling and dismantling, easily solve the needs of mobile phone maintenance, and improve maintenance work efficiency
High-quality S2 alloy steel bit, hardness up to 60HRC, precise and durable, double surface sandblasting/sodium phosphate chemical treatment, anti-rust while ensuring high-precision biting screws of the bit, not easy to damage precision screws
Noise reduction bearing, after 10,000+ tests, the quality is strictly controlled, the bearing does not freeze, and the duration of one rotation lasts for a long time
The rod is designed with a circular diamond texture, anti-slip concave, and a different anti-slip touch
Ergonomic design, comfortable grip, exquisite and meticulous, no matter which gesture is comfortable

Package includes:
1 x Handle
5 x Bits

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Weight.3 kg