Relife RL-728B Strong Magnetic Adsorption S2 Bits Screwdriver Set




Relife RL-728B Strong Magnetic Adsorption S2 Bits Screwdriver Set for Mobile Phones & Laptop Motherboard Repair

Oversized identification icon/High hardness special S2 steel cutter head/Precision silent bearing
It is suitable for dismantling and repairing various telecommunication electronic equipment and satisfying the dismantling demand of notebook computers and improving the efficiency of maintenance work
Extra hard bit/High hardness alloy steel/Anti-slip design/Strong magnetic adsorption
Exquisite packaging design, equipped with magnetizer/transparent small suction cup
Up to 95% fit, and it is not afraid of screwloose and not damaging the surface of the screw. It is durable
Large icons and color distinction allow you to quickly find the screwdriver model you need on the messy desktop
A strong magnet is installed inside, which solves the defect that the old-fashioned screwdriver cannot absorb the screw due to long use
Anti-rolling nut/Bearing ball/Spiral anti-skid pattern/Quiet bearing/Surface sandblasting

Package includes:
5 x Screwdriver
1 x Magnetizer
1 x Small Suction Cup

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Weight0.5 kg