Mijing KC8 Quicky Remove Maintenance Knife Set




Mijing KC8 Quicky Remove Maintenance Knife Set for Mobile Phone Motherboard Glue Removal

Press the rebound structure, quickly remove the blade
Multi-functional glue removal knife, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness, high toughness, fine high carbon elastic steel, pure hand polished
A variety of options to provide you with solutions to all kinds of maintenance problems, cutting black glue, side glue removal, motherboard glue removal, prying hard disk, etc.
Pure hand polishing, surface vacuum plating process, with strong corrosion resistance and high-temperature durability, and wear resistance
New blade design, rigid and flexible, with strength, more toughness
Fine high-carbon elastic steel blade grinding, toughness, rebound does not deform
Comfortable grip, with a universal ergonomic knife handle
Each piece of blade material is laser cut to ensure a high degree of product uniformity

Package includes:
1 x Handle
8 x Blades

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Weight.2 kg