Mechanic V-Power Series 8S Port Super Fast Charger

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Mechanic V-Power Series Super Fast Charger for Mobile Phones/Flat Panel/Smart Watches

Mechanic V-Power super fast charger, Suitable for charging various digital devices such as mobile phones flat panel smart watches, etc
Multiple charging ports, QC3.0/PD USB, can charge multiple digital devices at the same time
Intelligently switch trickle mode when fully charged to prevent overcharging and extend battery life
5V2A current safety output breaks charging anxiety and fills your phone quickly
Intelligent detection of device voltage and current, matching current charging, real-time monitoring
Equipped with the new chip 5.0 technology, it can realize low power consumption and has a wider coverage, and is four times faster than the current speed
Compatible with 99% USB electronic digital devices, suitable for mobile phones and tablets
Charging of various digital devices such as smartwatches

Package includes:
1 x Charger
1 x Power cable

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Weight.800 kg