Relife RL-084 Desoldering Pump Vacuum Suction Gun




Relife RL-084 Metal Desoldering Pump Vacuum Suction Tin Gun for Mobile Phone BGA Repair

It is used to collect the melted solder during the welding and disassembly of electronic components
It is widely used in the field of electronics, electrical maintenance, and process welding
Adopt a sealing ring design to effectively prevent air leakage, high elastic rebound design, instant high efficiency, and strong suction
Quickly and effectively remove the solder and quickly separate the welded body
Ergonomic design, non-slip pattern design, comfortable grip
The innerspring adopts the back-pull design, and the instant suction is strong
Lightweight, compact design, fast tin removal, one-handed operation

Package includes:
1 x Desoldering Pump

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Weight0.2 kg