Quick Q8 Rapid Heating Intelligent Soldering Station

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Quick Q8 Rapid Heating Real-time Monitoring Intelligent Precision Soldering Station

120W, Smart power, Rapid heating, Ergonomics, Memory chip, Vibration feedback, Preset temperature, Password lock, Automatic shut-down
2 seconds rapid temperature rise/digital curve/intelligent static induction sleep/resistance heating element
Raise from room temperature to 300?, about 2 seconds, bid farewell to long preheating, no need to wait
Two interface options for digital curves, intuitive and simple temperature/power display, to achieve better welding quality
Smart still, induction sleep
The latest research and development of smart gyroscope technology, standstill or sleep, can customize the sleep time, safe and energy-saving
Integrated plug-in heating core, quick replacement of the soldering iron tip, rapid heating without warm flushing, heat transfer efficiency up to 30%, smooth lead-free soldering
High precision is resistive
High precision flying lead desoldering Can be widely used in various chip-level repairs, PCB manufacturing, mobile phone motherboard flying lead desoldering, etc
Anti-static ESD detection
Language switch: Chinese/English can be switched freely
Rocker switch/three-hole socket, grid design for heat dissipation, safe and secure

Brand: Quick
Product Name: Intelligent Precision Soldering Station
Model: Quick Q8
Power: 150W (max)
Operating voltage: AC 110V/220V
Temperature range: 100?-450?/212?-842?
Temperature stability: ±2? (still Air, No Load)
Ambient temperature: 0-40?
Welding tip to topography: <2mV
Resistance of welding tip to the ground: <2O
Product Size: 169*137*114mm
Package Size: 310*210*165mm
Net Weight: About 2.9kg
Gross Weight: About 3.7kg

Package includes:
1 x Main unit
1 x Soldering iron handle
1 x Soldering iron holder
1 x TSS08C-l soldering tip
1 x Power cord
1 x Grounding wire

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Weight3.5 kg