MaAnt SL-2 2th Upgrade Magical Degumming Station for Phone IC

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MaAnt SL-2 2th Upgrade Magical Degumming Station for Phone IC Chips Heating & Degumming

2-generation upgrade rapid temperature removal table, one-button heating, rapid heating, the temperature can be adjusted 160~250℃, support multi-generation Apple, Huawei chip glue removal, tin removal work
This applies to 99%of the chips on the market, 20*18.5mm working area, supports multiple generations Apple / Huawei mobile phone chip universal hard disk and CPU Glue detinning
Constant temperature heating removes glue and tin when heating, the temperature can be adjusted between 60℃ and 250℃, effectively avoid due to high temperature or improper training burn-out chip
After opening the glue removal table and heating the set temperature, you can use a brush or cotton ball and a cotton swab to remove residual tin, no tin line, a wipe can easily remove tin and glue, easy and quick tin planting
Air gun heating is safer than 100 degrees lower than air gun temperature scraping, no soldering iron heating without repeated scraping of a soldering iron, and no damage to the pad
After heating to a set temperature, use a cotton swab can handle clean residual tin without damage to the pad paint, non-absorbent tin brings back the wipe that wears the chip for a long time
Fast heating, no leakage, no static electricity, safer curve heating, built-in professional adjustment curve, no need to worry, about chip damage caused by thermal stress
Press the temperature decrease and temperature increase setting buttons at the same time to enter, rapid heating mode, up to 200 degrees in 1 minute under a rapid heating state
According to the needs of the job, set the temperature adjustment to you, the required temperature, one-click heat up quickly, no need to worry about temperature, over damage chip
Upgrade on the new, according to customer feedback and maintenance master Use the results of the survey while adjusting the upgrade to better fit the repair use

Package includes:
1 x Degumming Station

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