GVM H3 3-in-1 80W Smart Intelligent Soldering Station




GVM H3 3-in-1 High Voltage 80W Intelligent Soldering Station Supports T245 / T210 / T115 Handles

GVM H3 3-in-1 smart soldering station, 2s rapid heating, channel temperature storage, quick switching, automatic sleep
Supports T245/T210/T115 handles, which can be widely used in various chip-level repairs, PCB manufacturing, mobile phone motherboard flying lead desoldering, etc.
Automatic identification of welding tools, the soldering station supports T115/T210/T245 handles, with stronger compatibility
3-channel temperature storage, quick switch, short press to select the temperature of the corresponding channel, long press to set the temperature of the corresponding channel
Intelligent induction sleep, place the soldering iron holder on the induction handle and automatically sleep to extend the life of the soldering iron tip
With an LCD display, supports temperature grouping, switching between Chinese and English, and intuitive temperature control at any time
Adjustable stand, freely adjust the angle of the handle bracket for convenient operation
Built-in cleaning copper wire ball and sponge for easy cleaning of the soldering iron tip
Integrated host design with heating core storage, neat storage, and efficient work
The heating element can be removed with one hand
Organize the cable length to make it neater and more convenient
With a USB connection port, a USB-linked computer assistant can display real-time temperature, set temperature, and optimize and upgrade soldering station firmware

Brand: GVM
Product Name: 3-in-1 smart soldering station
Model: GVM H3
Net Weight: ≈1650g
Host Size: 150*135*104mm
T245 Handle Wire Total Length: ≈1288mm
T210 Handle Wire Total Length: ≈126mm
T115handle Wire Total Length: ≈126mm
T245 Heating Core: 100*4.8mm
T210 Heating Core: 30*3.5mm
T115 Heating Core: 44.5*2.8mm
Package Size: 190*170*165mm
Rated Working Voltage: AC 110V/220V
Rated Power: 80W
Temperature Range: 100-480°C/212-900℉
Temperature Range Accuracy: ±5°C/40℉
Temperature Stability: ±1°C/30℉
Supported Handle Types: 115/210/245
Temperature Adjustment Step: ±5°C/10℉
Delayed Sleep: 0-180s, the delayed sleep function is canceled by default
Display Resolution: 240*320PX (LCD color screen)
System Language: Chinese-English bilingual switching
Working Conditions: 0~40℃, Humidity<80%
Storage Conditions: Temperature-20~80℃, Humidity <80%

Package includes:
1 x Soldering Station
1 x T245 Soldering Iron Tip(K)
1 x T210 Soldering Iron Tip(K)
1 x T115 Soldering Iron Tip(K)
1 x T245 Handle
1 x T210 Handle
1 x T115 Handle
1 x Cleaning Sponge
1 x Copper Wire Ball
1 x Cable Bracket Hand Screw
1 x Cable Bracket
1 x Anti-scalding Silicone Pad
1 x Ground Wire
1 x Power Cord

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Weight3 kg