BAKU BA-601C+ Digital Display 2-In-1Rework Station 

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BAKU BA-601C+ Digital Display 2-In-1  Soldering Station


1. Long life automatic mechanical winding transformer, the joints of the wearing parts can be replaced
2. Accurate temperature control Independent temperature control core, soldering iron/air gun heats up quickly
3. Safe and reliable, temperature protection, high temperature resistant wire
4. The fuselage is made of environmentally friendly green materials
5. High-power custom-made transformers, pure copper coils are tightly wound, high conversion rate and long service life
6. High temperature resistance, the wire is pure copper wire, which effectively reduces the probability of internal failure of the machine
7. Double interchangeable joints, extend the life and can also replace iron heads and heaters of different sizes
8. Accurate temperature, dual-screen temperature display
9. Silicone is added into the wire, which is resistant to high temperature and fire, providing safety guarantee for users
10. Mica heating core, fast heating and stable cooling
11. Brushless vortex fan, longer service life
12. Suitable for small devices or mobile phones that are sensitive to disassembly and soldering
13. Heater temperature: 100~500 degrees Celsius
14. Soldering iron temperature: 200~480 degrees Celsius
15. Heating core: ceramic heating core
16. Current: 110v: 8A, 220v: 4A
17. Input voltage: 110/220v
18. Output power: 750w
19. Frequency: 50/60hz
20. Size: 151x100x140mm
21. Weight: 3.5kg

Product configuration:
-1 x Host
-1 x Heat gun (with 3 nozzles)
-1 x Soldering iron
-1 x Chinese and English instruction manual
-1 x Packing box

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Weight4 kg