Aifen A902 C210/C245 Double Welding Rework Station




Aifen A902 C115/C210/C245 Double Station Welding Rework Station for Phone PCB IC Repair Soldering

350W high power, compatible with C115/C210/C245/C470 heating element
The 245 handle is compatible with 470 heating elements, the double handle can use 470 heating elements at the same time
The double bracket can adjust the angle up and down to meet more needs
The double handle can be used at the same time, and the double handle can be closed independently, which is convenient and quick
The program chip temperature control is different from the traditional AC voltage temperature control, and the temperature rises quickly and precisely
Automatic sleep function, the handle is placed on the bracket, it will immediately enter the sleep state, and it will heat up immediately when it is raised
The temperature compensation function automatically compensates the temperature of the soldering iron tip during the soldering process, so that the soldering iron tip is always kept at the set temperature
Mechanical short-circuit protection function when the machine is short-circuited, it will automatically stop working to protect the machine
There are 6 groups of standby temperature settings (0, 150, 180, 200, 250, 280°), and the standby temperature can be set as needed
Temperature calibration, key lock, Celsius and Fahrenheit conversion, buzzer, and other functions
The two-handed handles can be used at the same time, and the two-handed handle can be closed independently H close open zone A or zone B: In the working state, press and hold the temperature up and down adjustment keys in the zone a or zone B to turn it is off and on
The plug-in box is compatible with C245, C210, and C115 soldering iron tips, no need to use other tools, convenient and fast
C/F conversion, temperature control range:100°C-450°C(212F-842°F)
Press and hold the set button in the A/B area in the working state to enter the temperature calibration page in the A/B area, and use the
heating and cooling buttons to adjust the temperature after adjusting the temperature press the sTet button to save and exit
Specially used for mobile phone computer data circuits and other precision circuit board welding

Package includes:
1 x Soldering station
2 x Handle  C210 & C245
3 x Soldering iron tip C210

3 x Soldering iron tip C25
1 x Ground wire
1 x Power cable

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Weight4 kg