Aifen A9 Pro 2023 Edition Smart Soldering Station C210

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Aifen A9 Pro 2023 Edition Smart Soldering Station Compatible C210/C115/C245 Handles

A9 Pro 2023 Edition soldering station, using the program chip to control temperature, heating quickly and accurately, 2 seconds to melt
A9 Pro 2023 Edition soldering station is compatible with C210/C115/C245 soldering iron head handles
The program chip temperature control is different from the traditional AC voltage temperature control, and the temperature rises quickly and precisely
Automatic sleep function, the handle is placed on the bracket, it will immediately enter the sleeping state, and it will heat up immediately when it is raised
The temperature compensation function automatically compensates the temperature of the soldering iron tip during the soldering process, so that the soldering iron tip is always kept at the set temperature
Mechanical short-circuit protection function when the machine is short-circuited, it will automatically stop working to protect the machine
There are 4 sets of standby temperatures (0°C, 150°C, 180°C, and 200°C), and the standby temperature can be adjusted according to need
Key lock, Celsius and Fahrenheit conversion, buzzer, and other functions
Standard with handle button control function (C245 and C210 handles have handle control function, C115 handle has no)
The larger plug-in box design adapts to 245/210/115 tips
Angle adjustable hibernation bracket, new solder head silicone organizer

Power: 120W(Max)
Input Voltage: Universal AC /220V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Temperature range: 100~450°C/212~842°F
Product Description: 24*21*17.7cm

Package includes:
1 x Soldering Station
1 x Handle(Optional)
3 x Soldering Tip(3 Magam)

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