HCU + DC Phoenix Dongle universal Huawei repair tool.





HCU + DC Phoenix Dongle combines 3 tools: HCU Dongle, DC Phoenix and Phone converter.

HCU Client is a universal Huawei repair tool.

DC Phoenix allows you to repair bricked Huawei phones without pulling them apart.


  • Support for most of Huawei Android phones and tablet PCs
  • Unlimited support with no annual activation
  • Over 600 supported Huawei models and modifications
  • None of the operations requires root

HCU Client – Features:

  • Support for HiSilicon, Qualcomm, MTK CPU based Huawei Android phones
  • Repair IMEI, MEID, S/N, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Vendor, Country, Model and more
  • Repair SIM-lock and software problems
  • Unlock Huawei ID
  • Read network unlock codes, read bootloader unlock code, lock / re-lock bootloader
  • Read FRP unlock code
  • Reset FRP
  • Unlock network / SIM-lock
  • Temporally unlock bootloader and FRP in Fastboot mode
  • Automatic backup of phone serial number
  • Repair empty board phone
  • Read/Write RFNV Qualcomm
  • Automatic repair of RSA keys
  • Write single/dual SIM
  • Repair IMEI1, IMEI2, IMEI3, MEID
  • Full support for CDMA Huawei Android phones
  • Enable downgrade function
  • Remove limit for firmware version changes
  • Works on any PC, no PC lock

You can find HCU Client feature table here*.

DC Phoenix – Features:

  • Full access for DC-Phoenix
  • Huge support area with thousands of firmware, customization and conversion package files
  • Programming completely bricked phone with TestPoint
  • Programming in upgrade mode
  • Programming in Fastboot mode
  • Programming when only Huawei COM 1.0 is visible
  • Programming when only Qualcomm 9008 service port is visible
  • Repair Huawei firmware problems (bricked, bootloop, stuck in Fastboot mode, etc.)
  • Write firmware in Fastboot mode with locked bootloader and locked FRP
  • Support for stock firmwares, customizations (*.APP)
  • Support original Board Software (.xml)
  • Extract partitions from APP firmwares
  • Write partitions in Fastboot mode with created config file
  • OEMINFO and NV partition protection from erasing in standard mode
  • Write partition for locked phone’s OEMINFO and NV backup
  • Convert Huawei demo phone to normal
  • Huge HiSilicon NV partition backup selection available
  • Board firmware (factory repair) files with TestPoint images
  • Change phone’s region
  • Best support from DC Unlocker team (more than 10 years of experience with Huawei)
  • Many world`s first updates

You can find DC Phoenix feature table here*.

Package Content:

HCU + DC Phoenix Dongle (Unlimited support with no annual activation) – 1 pc.

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