CM2 Infinity Dongle




Infinity Cm2 Dongle software has the next key features:

MTK SPD Qualcomm RDA/CoolSand

Read Info Simple
Read Info Extended
Read Security Info
Format FS
Reser Sattings
Full Factory Reset (All)
4 method
Read Flash Scatter,Bin,Cm2 .Pac .xml
Write Flash Scatter,Bin,Cm2 .Pac .xml
Read Pattern Lock ,Remove Pattern Lock ,Pin,Password etc
SP Unlock Network, Remove Virus Deep Clean 
Repair Security Read NVRAM , Write NVRAM
Check EMMC , Fix Baseband, Read Data (Contect,sms,Photo,Videos etc)

Well known GSM brands/models supported
“Chinese Miracle” MTK based brands/models supported
standalone software (no Internet connection required)
sp-unlock: unlock (remove/clear) network, provider locks
set network, provider locks
read unlock codes
flash read/write (high speed)
write any part of flash separately (firmware, customization, flex, map, file system (ffs), language pack)
upgrade/downgrade firmware
repair damaged S/N
remove/clear/read user/phone/lock code
reset to default/factory settings
repair dead phones
read flash/eeprom area backup
repair software-related problems
read unlock codes: network, provider codes, user/phone code
empty board flashing (f.e. after flash chip replacement)
format file system
SCAT files read/write
make security zone backup during critical operations
“smart write” option, together with high-speed option flashing speed may be extremely high

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