Power Pack Multi Function

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Type: Offline, outdoor/indoor UPS backup
Output Voltage: 220V 110V 12V 5V
Output power: Rated Power 300W
Input voltage: AC 165-275V,40-70Hz,80V-140V 50/60Hz
Charge type: Mains supply, Solar/Car Charge
Battery Type: Lead Acid Battery
Phase: Single Phase
output waveform: pure sine wave
Protection: Short Circuit, Overvoltage, Lowvoltage, Overload
Usage: Outdoor,Camping,Home backup power, Indoor/outdoor office, etc.
DC output: 2pcs USB 5.1V1A, 2pcs USB 5.1V2.1A, 4pcs 12V2A
Solar charge: 15V 30W

2. Applications
Suitable for power supply of indoor or outdoor, home, office and outdoor digital products, electrical products,and provide full protection for the load.

3. Features
1. Multiple charging methods:Mains supply, Solar/Car Charge
2. Adopt advanced CPU integrated control technology
3. LED display mode
4. Wide input range: AC input safe operation from 165~275VAC
5. Boost and Buck AVR for voltage regulation
6. Cold start
7. Smart battery management
8. Automatic charging in OFF mode
9. Unattended safe shutdown, system alarm and automatic power on/off
10.Economical and practical
11.Approval/Certification: CE, EMC,MSDS,ISO9001, ISO14001,UN238

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