RF-27PRO2 comes dustproof system 6.5-55X amplification

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large space maintenance zoom microscope RF-27PRO2 comes dustproof system 6.5-55X amplification

Model :RF-27PRO2 1. Newly designed dust control system. Effectively isolate more than 95% of the dust intrusion, reduce the number of equipment maintenance, extend the service life (dust LEN) 2. New system, self-designed patented products, larger. Dustproof system (new) Extends service life! A clearer and more comfortable repair experience! 3. Zoom knob, good texture, wear-resistant. 9 speed zoom design, experience more comfortable 4. The design of WF10x23 eyepiece can provide you with a comfortable observation experience, and the professional optical team of RF4 can make users feel professional Features: Magnification: Continuous zoom 6.5X to 55x Head :45 degree tilt 360 degree rotation Triocular :WF10X/23MM adjustable Barlow lens :0.5X & 0.7X & 2.0X & 0.48x (optional) Objective lens :0.65-5.5X Zoom knob: Knob 9 speed zoom Camera connector :0.5xCTV(monitor and eyepiece synchronous zoom) Accessories :144 optical dust-proof lens with limit lock and leak-proof eye cup Parameters: Supporting parameter Column aperture: Φ32mm Lens aperture: Φ76mm Center distance: 155mm Lifting range: 50mm Basic parameter Column height: 240mm Diameter: φ32mm Base: 380 x260x18mm

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